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Wal-Mart Statement on Walmart.com Affiliate Program

Just as our stores try to find new ways to serve the 127 million customers who shop with us each week, Walmart.com is working to attract online customers with a variety of programs and promotions. 

Our affiliate program is designed to drive web traffic to our site and is a common marketing practice that is used by many other major online retailers, including amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and disneystore.com.

More than 43,000 organizations participate in walmart.com’s affiliates program and over 100 Christian organizations also participate in the program.

Affiliates ask to be included in the program and receive a small percentage of the sales that result from the customers they refer. 

Wal-Mart does not evaluate the viewpoints or political agenda of potential affiliates, and acceptance as an affiliate does not convey or imply an endorsement of a particular agenda or viewpoint.

We are committed to serving our customers, and our affiliate program is one of the many ways that we do so. The group identified by the American Family Association has been an affiliate of Walmart.com since 2002 and has referred exactly one sale for $41.73 to our site since joining our affiliate program. As a result, it would have collected $4.17.