Wal-Mart Statement Concerning Latest Union Critic Campaign

"The fact is Wal-Mart is good for working families. It’s wrong for political candidates to join with union-funded groups and attack a company that’s offering real solutions to the challenges facing America’s working families. “We create tens of thousands of jobs every year -- often in neighborhoods that desperately need them. Our low prices save the average household more than $2,300 per year. Our affordable health insurance has helped 150,000 uninsured Americans get company-sponsored plans.

"It would be interesting to hear what these political candidates are offering the American people beyond criticism of Wal-Mart. Do they have solutions for health care and job creation or are these attacks merely a smokescreen to hide the emptiness behind them?

“America’s working families know these attacks are nothing more than politics. They know it because they shop our stores and work in our stores and know our company. They also know hypocrisy when they see it. They know it’s wrong for political candidates to benefit from Wal-Mart, but work to deny those same economic benefits to the working families that need them most.”