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Wal-Mart Statement on Soft Vinyl Lunchboxes

The safety of our customers is always a top priority for Wal-Mart.


On July 20, 2006 , the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a letter to manufacturers and suppliers concerning the presence of lead in the interior polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lining of soft vinyl lunchboxes.  The FDA has urged companies to refrain from marketing these products.


Although we have no reason to believe these products are unsafe, Wal-Mart is acting quickly and voluntarily on the FDA’s request and the company will no longer sell soft sided lunchboxes with PVC linings.


At Wal-Mart shoppers will still find a strong assortment of soft lunchboxes that do not have PVC linings.


Customers who purchased PVC-lined soft sided lunchboxes at Wal-Mart can return the merchandise and receive a refund.