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Statement on Chicago Vote

This statement is attributed to Michael Lewis, Senior Vice President, Store Operations.

"This vote sadly put politics ahead of Chicago’s working men and women.It sends a message that Chicago is closed for business, closed for development, and closed for job creation.   

"This imposes special interest mandates that will unfairly deny savings and job opportunities to those who need them most.  It’s wrong for the city council to tell the people of Chicago where to shop and to make it harder for inner-city residents to find jobs. 

"Our preference is to serve the people of Chicago in their communities, and we will do what we can to keep up with significant consumer demand from city residents. 

"Just as every business weighs the costs and complications associated with each potential location, we will try to provide Chicago residents with the savings, choices and jobs they clearly want, without subjecting ourselves to a discriminatory marketplace and a competitive disadvantage. 

"Dozens of communities around the City of Chicago already welcome the savings, job opportunities, and tax revenue we bring with each store opening.  It’s sad to see the city council make this unfortunate choice to stand in the way of these benefits for Chicago’s working families."