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Wal-Mart Convenes Group of Experts to Discuss Sustainable Business Solutions for the Textile Supply Chain

BENTONVILLE, Ark., June 27, 2006 – As part of its continuing efforts to identify sustainable solutions and practices in every area of its business, Wal-Mart is hosting a two-day meeting today and tomorrow on issues and opportunities related to the sustainable production and use of textiles.

The meeting will bring together specialists in every area of the textile supply chain from both inside and outside the company, as well as environmental consultants and representatives of non-profit organizations.  Topics of discussion will include standards, metrics, and certifications, key trends, definitions of sustainability in the textile supply chain, and the environmental, social, and economic impact of different business choices.

Wal-Mart’s objective is to gather information and to gain insight into the perspectives of the numerous constituents involved in the debate on natural fibers and other key textile issues.  The company does not expect to make any immediate business decisions following the meeting.

“We’re serious about offering a wider choice of sustainable textiles to our customers,” said Kim Brandner, senior brand manager of sustainable textiles at Wal-Mart.  “But we want to understand fully the risks, opportunities, and consequences of any business decisions we might consider.  This meeting is an important early step in that process.”

Identifying standards and sustainable practices for the textile supply chain is one of many initiatives that reflect Wal-Mart’s commitment to leadership in business sustainability.  The scope and scale of the company’s business presents great potential to effect positive change.  Through its business sustainability program, Wal-Mart takes advantage of and creates opportunities both to influence its own operations and to lead change in the business world at large.  The company has committed to addressing as priorities the areas of climate and renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling, and the development of sustainable products.

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