Wal-Mart Statement on Indiana "Fair Share Health Care" Legislation

Bentonville, Ark. (January 23, 2006)—Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. spokesman Nate Hurst today issued the following statement on defeated “Fair Share Health Care” legislation  in Indiana. 

“The Indiana House is only the most recent legislative body to see these kinds of bills for what they are: a misguided approach to the health care challenges facing all employers. These bills do nothing to address the soaring cost of health care. And just as bad, they will cost jobs and hurt economic growth.

“Wal-Mart is working diligently to find solutions to the same health care challenges facing every business in America. That’s why we now offer associates the choice of as many as 18 health plan options that cost as little as $11 per month in some areas. Anywhere in the country, any Wal-Mart associate – both full and part-time – can become eligible for health benefits starting at just $23 per month. More than three-fourths of Wal-Mart associates have health insurance –either through a company plan, a spouse’s plan or Medicare. 

“We’re hopeful that more state legislators across America – like those in Indiana – will come to realize that these bills are harmful to working families.  The American people want their legislators to resist the pressure to enact bad policy, and instead work with their colleagues and businesses of all sizes to solve the health care challenges facing America.”

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