Wal-Mart Statement Regarding the AFL-CIO "Fair Share for Health Care" News Conference

Our company employs 1.3 million Americans.  More than three-quarters of our associates have health insurance – whether through a company plan, a spouse’s plan, or Medicare.  With 46 million uninsured Americans, the numbers of this latest Washington, D.C. union leader attack just don’t add up.  Clearly, their effort won’t help the uninsured or the working families struggling to deal with the soaring cost of health care.

  • These “Fair Share for Health Care” bills are neither “fair” nor “health care” bills.

They will do nothing to help the 46 million Americans who are uninsured or the businesses and working families struggling to deal with the soaring cost of health care.  1.3 million Americans work at Wal-Mart.  According to one study, more than three-fourths of Wal-Mart associates are insured through the company, a spouse’s plan or Medicare.  The numbers of this latest union leader attack just don’t add up.

  • These bills are about politics.  And they’re bad politics at that.

Washington, D.C. union leaders are pursuing their own special interests on one of the most important and personal issues to the American people.  They should be trying to solve the challenges facing America’s working families, not attacking Wal-Mart.  People will see through the politics of bills that apply only to one company – especially a company that, in some areas, provides working families with access to health care for as little as $11 per month.

  • Wal-Mart is deeply committed to finding solutions to the health care challenges facing our associates, our communities and our company.

Every Wal-Mart associate, full and part-time, no matter where they work, can become eligible for health plans that cost less than $25 per month for individuals, $37 per month for single parents and their children, and $65 per month for families.  None of our health plans have lifetime maximums, which protects associates and their families from catastrophic costs.  We also offer innovative solutions, like HSAs, which provide yet another option for affordable health care.

  • Every company in America is struggling to deal with the soaring cost of health care.

    The challenge of soaring health care costs is bigger than one company.  Solving this problem requires leadership from businesses and government.  Rather than attacking Wal-Mart, Washington, D.C. union leaders should be offering solutions that will help reduce the cost of health care in America.