Home News Who Says Gift Cards Can't Be Personal? Not Wal-Mart!

Who Says Gift Cards Can't Be Personal? Not Wal-Mart!

Who Says Gift Cards Can’t Be Personal?
Not Wal-Mart!

Personalized Gift Cards Now Available at Locations Nationwide

BENTONVILLE, Ark., Nov. 4, 2005 – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. today announced it has the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes the ease of a gift card and also wants to give a unique present – a gift card that can be personalized with your photo, favorite phrase, or business card.  This new personalized gift card is available nationwide in all One Hour Digital Photo Centers at Wal-Mart stores, Neighborhood Markets, SAM’S CLUB locations and Walmart.com  – just in time for the busy holiday season  – at the everyday low price of $.88 (plus the monetary value loaded on the card). 

“Gift cards are an ideal gift-giving idea but many people hesitate as they’re concerned that a gift card may appear too impersonal,” says Ronnie Hoyt, Wal-Mart senior vice president/divisional merchandise manager. “By offering our customers the chance to personalize their gift cards, we’re confident that this can provide a convenient, unique solution for many hard-to-get people on holiday lists.   Plus, those who receive them will appreciate the personal touches.”

Personalized gift cards are as easy as 1-2-3
In fact, creating Wal-Mart’s personalized gift cards is easy and takes only seconds. The process is self-service so customers can decide exactly how they want their gift card to appear.  All they do is go to the One Hour Digital Photo Center:
1. Place a photo on the scanner or insert a photo CD or digital media card
2. Select the image they want on the gift card and hit a few buttons
3. Create the card! Customers can rotate the image, zoom in and out and also add any words they like to the card –Happy Holidays! Congratulations! Good Luck! There’s no end to how creative people can be.

 Customers can also go online to create personalized gift cards.  They can simply upload photos and place orders at Walmart.com, and then pick up gift cards one hour later at a local Wal-Mart One Hour Photo Center location.

Use personalized gift cards for more than just gifts!
Be creative! Wal-Mart’s new personalized gift cards can be used for a variety of unique alternatives including:

• Anniversaries, Birthdays or Appreciation: When you have that special occasion and can’t be there in person, you can still send a photo of yourself or your family to someone with a personal message on it. 
• Budgeting: Put a picture of your teens’ car on a card so they can use the value of the card for gas, oil changes or routine maintenance. You can design multiple cards, each for a different use, such as clothes allowance, snacks or personal items.
• Saving for something special! Snap a picture of that plasma TV you’ve been dreaming of, put it on a card, add a little money each month and then use the card to bring home your new TV.
• Saying thank you: Take pictures of your children and put them on gift cards as a cute way to ‘thank” their teacher for all their hard work throughout the school year.
• Encouraging new business: Put your business card on a gift card and use it as an incentive to purchase something at your business.

“We’re starting a trend,” adds Hoyt. “By using all the available technology within our company, we are once again evolving with our customers’ needs by providing a quick and affordable way to spice up the traditional gift card.” 

About Wal-Mart Gift cards
Wal-Mart gift cards do not expire and do not include any service or maintenance fee.  Wal-Mart gift cards provide customers access to thousands of products at the Wal-Mart every day low price in any Wal-Mart retail format in the United States and Puerto Rico as well as in SAM’S CLUB locations and at Walmart.com and Samsclub.com.

About Wal-Mart
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