Home News Wal-Mart Donates $8.5 Million to Benefit Police, Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Teams

Wal-Mart Donates $8.5 Million to Benefit Police, Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Teams

Wal-Mart Donates $8.5 Million to Benefit Police, Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services Teams

Support Continues For “Safe Neighborhood Heroes” Who Respond to Emergencies and Disasters

BENTONVILLE, Ark, Oct. 12, 2005 – Every day, fire, police, rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams answer the call to serve.  Over the last month, Americans have witnessed the spirit and courage of these teams in times of disaster, exemplifying what it means to be a “hero.”  Wal-Mart will honor the men and women who serve in this role with $8.5 million in grants from its annual “Safe Neighborhood Heroes” program.

Throughout the month of October, each of the 3,700 U.S. Wal-Mart stores, Neighborhood Markets, SAM’S CLUBS and distribution centers nationwide will recognize the efforts of their hometown fire, police, rescue and EMS teams with direct financial donations.  This year’s grants come at an opportune time for many groups involved first-hand in recent hurricane response efforts.

  • The care of two trained canine police dogs for the Metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Authority Police unit;
  • A new drivers education course for local teens, created by the fire department of Parker, Colo. to promote safer driving;
  • Smoke alarms for the Salem Fire Department to distribute to residents in Salem, N.H.;
  • New equipment for the City of Gonzales Fire Department in Louisiana.  Funds will help replace equipment worn from heavy use after the storms and help purchase additional equipment required to serve a now larger population. 

“As a community we must lean on each other to help those we serve,” says Betsy Reithemeyer, head of the Wal-Mart & SAM’S CLUB Foundation.  “Working side by side with emergency response teams is important not just in times of crisis, but each and every day.  We are glad to help enrich the services provided by first responders in ways that are beneficial to their communities.”

The “Safe Neighborhood Heroes” grants touch all U.S. communities where there is a local Wal-Mart store, SAM’S CLUB or Wal-Mart distribution center.  Each facility can provide up to $3,000 toward the emergency response unit of its choice.  This year’s grants will bring the total dollars contributed to emergency responders through this annual program to $25 million since 2002. 

About Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
More information about “Safe Neighborhood Heroes,” hurricane relief efforts, Wal-Mart’s charitable giving per state and other programs can be found at www.walmartfacts.com or www.walmartfacts.com or www.walmartfoundation.org

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates Wal-Mart Stores, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and SAM’S CLUB locations in the United States.  Internationally, the company operates in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea and the United Kingdom.  The company’s securities are listed on the New York and Pacific stock exchanges under the symbol WMT.  Online merchandise sales are available at www.walmart.com.

Wal-Mart/SAM’S CLUB Safe Neighborhood Heroes Grant Totals Per State

Alaska               $24,500
Alabama            $236,625
Arizona             $169,625
Arkansas          $212,000
California           $438,125
Colorado           $169,000
Connecticut       $75,500
Delaware          $18,250
Florida               $552,950
Georgia             $312,525
Hawaii               $26,250
Idaho                 $43,250
Illinois                $340,075
Indiana               $247,600
Iowa                  $136,125
Kansas              $138,800
Kentucky           $199,500
Louisiana          $225,625
Maine                $56,250
Maryland           $120,550
Massachusetts  $101,500
Michigan             $218,350
Minnesota           $140,250
Mississippi          $165,750
Missouri              $293,750
Montana              $29,750
Nebraska            $64,250
Nevada               $73,500
New Hampshire  $65,250
New Jersey        $99,750
New Mexico        $87,500
New York           $223,750
North Carolina     $284,750
North Dakota       $21,350
Ohio                    $321,025
Oklahoma            $236,000
Oregon                $62,800
Pennsylvania       $306,950
Rhode Island        $18,250
South Carolina     $167,834
South Dakota       $26,750
Tennessee          $267,500
Texas                  $956,200
Utah                     $88,750
Vermont               $8,000
Virginia                 $223,250
Washington         $92,500
West Virginia       $80,312
Wisconsin            $187,015
Wyoming             $26,250