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National Administrative Professionals Week - Personal Last-Minute Gift Ideas that Show Your True Appreciation

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National Administrative Professionals Week –
Personal Last-Minute Gift Ideas that Show Your True Appreciation

 Show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift this April 25-29

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – April 25, 2005 –Administrative Professionals Week is the last full week of April with Wednesday, April 27, designated as Administrative Professionals Day and you can hit the mark with a personal last-minute gift that shows how much you appreciate all they do!  This annual celebration is designed to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, and other office professionals for their contributions in the workplace and Wal-Mart is encouraging all supervisors to ‘think outside the cubicle’ when it comes to recognizing and thanking their support staff.

“Many times the traditional way of recognizing the contribution your assistant makes is to take him or her to lunch," said Michael Leb, senior vice president, People Division, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. "Why not spend a few extra minutes to find a gift that expresses your appreciation in a special way?" 

For those having difficulty deciding what to get their administrative professional, the traditional gifts are okay, but Wal-Mart has a few unique suggestions to offer:

Gift baskets and Gifts in a Balloon are fun and easy ways to create a great big gift with a lot of little items.  They are a great way to create a group gift, too – with everyone contributing an item.  It’s easy to personalize gift baskets with a creative theme and Wal-Mart associates can help you create a variety of gifts to put inside a helium balloon!  For example:
• Calling all chocoholics – fill a basket or balloon with candy and cookies for administrative professionals who need their ‘chocolate fix’
• For the cook – instead of a basket, use a big cooking pot or large pan and fill it with cookbooks, new utensils, unique cooking gadgets, and a new recipe box
• Pampering – Lotions, candles, a relaxing CD, and a soothing gel eye mask will help any administrative professional unwind after a tough day
• Fun in the Sun – Get your administrative professional ready for summer: fill a colorful tote bag with a beach towel, a good book or magazine, even a beach chair
• Personalize the Workspace – The desk can be a home away from home, so help decorate with unique picture frames, a vase, small piece of art work, foot rest, massage chair pad, fun mouse pads, a plant, a fun new pencil cup, or colorful baskets

If your administrative professional is hard to shop for – or if you wait until the last minute – you can still find a thoughtful gift:
• Balloons brighten up any office space
• Gift cards – Where does your administrative professional like to shop or eat lunch?  A gift card is the perfect gift for anyone
• Flowers using a unique vase such as a colorful coffee mug or pretty pencil holder.
• Jewelry – earrings, a watch, or a pendant would really show your administrative professional how much you appreciate him or her

Men are making their niche in the administrative professional world, and Wal-Mart has great gifts for guys:
• CDs
• DVDs
• MP3 player or a digital camera – go in with a group of co-workers and split the cost for a  really cool electronic gift
• The Outdoorsman: If your male administrative professional loves the outdoors or tinkering with his car, why not get him a new fishing rod, a golf club, or a car detailing kit?

Want to give a thoughtful gift without heavily impacting your wallet?  Be creative with some of these fun ideas:
• Coffee/Tea Lover’s Gift – Fill a colorful mug with flavored coffees/teas and sweet cookies or candies.
• Decrease Stress Gift – Drop some fun gifts into a colorful gift bag that may help decrease stress (and possibly increase productivity!) on the job such as a Magic Eight Ball, Slinky, Squirmy Wormy, Tangle or Silly Putty.
• “Blast from the Past” Gift – Everything old is new again including movies and televisions shows and you can give a gift that reminds someone of good times past by picking from a variety of $1 DVDs that Wal-Mart offers. 

For more information on great gift ideas to honor your administrative professional, log on to www.walmart.com (or visit your nearest Wal-Mart store!). 

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