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Wal-Mart Statements On Department Of Labor Review

1. What is your reaction to the DOL Inspector General’s agreement to review the Wal-Mart agreement?

"We welcome a review of our agreement with the Department of Labor. We’re confident the Inspector General will conclude the agreement is fair and reasonable and that it is the result of arms-length negotiations.

"What is truly unfortunate is that the attention focused on this agreement has now moved from being about compliance, which is where our attention is focused, to being a new forum for people who simply don’t like us. We’re not going to be distracted by the politics of the situation and instead will continue to concentrate on working collaboratively with the Department of Labor."

2. What is your reaction to select Connecticut politicians’ call for stronger child labor laws in the state?

"We believe the laws are sufficient and our focus is on ensuring compliance at all of our Connecticut stores."