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Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

December 17, 2004
Great Gift Ideas at Wal-Mart to Perk Up the Disillusioned "Tween."
Contact: Karen Burk, (479) 273-4314

BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 15, 2004 – Everyone knows someone like “our” Ashley. She’s only allowed 20 minutes a night on her phone and another hour on her computer so she and her friends instant message (IM) each other once their homework is done. The messages look like hieroglyphics to her Dad and she gets frustrated having to explain the process to him time and time again.

Mom doesn’t see the need for that other acronym, DSL, although Ashley has pleaded that the research for her term papers would go much faster with a digital subscriber line and allow her to spend more time digging into the subject matter deeper. It didn’t help that her cousin, Sherry, got grounded for spending hours on their DSL service downloading photos for her Adam Brody fan site.

She’s constantly nagging her brother to get off the family computer so she can use it to IM Sherry and see what she’s wearing to school tomorrow so they don’t accidentally dress alike. She also wants to chat about the new movie that’s out and that guy in math class they talked to at lunch.

While our Ashley doesn’t really exist, you may have someone on your shopping list that shares these same characteristics. So how do you shop for the Ashley in your life? By using the following “Tired and Inspired!” guide from the shopping experts at your local Wal-Mart:

Pager Motorola IM Free … $49.33
(handheld device to IM while someone else is using your computer)
Trimline phone GE 2.4 cordless phone … $17.94
  Uniden 5.8 DSS w/caller ID, answering machine & dual handset … $158.67
Walkman Durabrand 7-inch Portable DVD/CD player … $149.87
Magazine Princess Diaries 2 DVD … $19.96 or VHS … $16.96
PJs Girl Connection Long Janes…$7.46
Sweater and pants

marykateandashley "Hot Cocoa" collection -
Boucle jacket with satin trim…$19.87
Satin and jersey knit top…$9.87
Denim and boucle trim jeans…$16.87

Musk Love’s baby soft fragrance gift set … $8.87
Lip balm Beauty at Your Service Makeup Set … $12.92
Beauty Trolley – (pull along suitcase full of makeup) - $18.63

Of course, if you simply can’t decide, you can let Ashley do her own shopping by purchasing one of the hottest items going this holiday season: the Wal-Mart gift card. Specially designed cards are available at all Wal-Mart stores and there are even special holiday gift card tins available for just 88 cents designed to make a nice impression under any tree.

There are only nine shopping days until Christmas! Are you ready? If not, good news, the weekend’s here!

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