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Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

December 17, 2004
Wal-Mart Gifts a Grand Slam for Athletes and Sports Fans -- Graceful on and off the Playing Fields.
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BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 14 -- Everyone knows someone like "our" sports nuts, Mike and Yolanda. Mike’s the sports fan who lives and breathes athletics, never missing a game on the radio or television and spends weekends fishing or on the golf course. He coaches his kids’ soccer teams and tries to get in a quick game of cards with “the guys” once a week. Yolanda is a sports fanatic and there isn’t a sport she isn’t willing to try at least four or five times. Whether she’s dazzling the accidental tourist with her deadly accurate backhand or leaving swimmers half her age behind in the pounding surf, no one is more graceful than Yolanda when it comes to anything athletic.

For Mike, sports are a way for him to spend time with family and friends. It’s about bonding with his kids, whether coaching them on getting the ball past the intimidating goalie or reeling in “the big one”on Crystal Lake. His house is also “headquarters” for the TV “game of the week” with the guys. It’s all fun and games to Mike when it comes to his love of sports.

It’s different for Yolanda. After refereeing a youth basketball game, there’s no cappuccino in her future. A shot of wheat grass and a fresh papaya are all it takes to propel her to grab the dog for a brisk jog through the park. Back at home, while a tired lab slurps water, Yolanda cranks up the latest Destiny’s Child album and “relaxes” via a hundred crunches. Then it’s time for a quick shower before setting the alarm for that daily 5 a.m. trip to the gym.

While our Mike and Yolanda don’t really exist, you may have someone on your shopping list that share these same characteristics. So how do you shop for the Mike and Yolandas in your life? By using the following "Low Impact-High Impact" guide from the shopping experts at your local Wal-Mart:

Heat Packs Shiatsu Back Massager … $94.82
Jump Rope Mini Trampoline … $19.97
Hackey sack ESPN Game Station … $169.86
Richard Simmons Tape

Sportscraft TX 4.9 Treadmill $254.48

Walkman RCA Lyra 128MB Digital Music Player: $77.47
Sweats Danskin Stretch Tee … $10.63 and
Danskin Piped Slood Pants … $12.63
Tee-shirtNFL jersey … $24.83
Sunscreen NCAA caps … $5
Portable TV 32” Sanyo or Sylvania Analogue Stereo TV … $247
AM transistor Delphi XM SKYFi Satellite Radio Receiver, SA50000 … $54.27 (starting on Rollback 12/14 - was $74.27)
Cane pole

Shakespeare Tiger SP Spinning Rod and Reel Combo … $19.73
Scooby Doo Rod and Reel Combo…$8.83
Barbie Rod and Reel Combo …$9.94

Golf tees Titleist HP dozen Premium golf balls … $19.93
Deck of cards Deluxe Texas Hold’Em Tin … $19.56

Golf tees Titleist HP dozen Premium golf balls … $19.93
Deck of cards  Deluxe Texas Hold’Em Tin … $19.56

Of course, if you simply can’t decide, you can let Mike and Yolanda do their own shopping by purchasing one of the hottest items going this holiday season: the Wal-Mart gift card. Specially designed cards are available at all Wal-Mart stores and there are even special holiday gift card tins available for just 88 cents designed to make a nice impression under any tree.

There are only 10 shopping days until Christmas! But don’t worry; we’ll be back tomorrow to help you shop for Wednesday’s child.

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