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Friday's Child is Loving and Giving.

December 17, 2004
Gift Possibilities Abound at Wal-Mart for the Good Samaritan.
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BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 17, 2004 – Everyone knows someone like “our” Shauna. She’s the mom who carpools four kids to school and extra-curricular activities but still volunteers her home – always looking like it’s just off the pages of Better Homes and Gardens – for every social and charity gathering over the holidays. Homemade cookies are her hallmark addition to the charity bake sale and she even makes time to volunteer at the local pet shelter on Fridays.

Shauna organizes a local quilting club that benefits hospital patients and also coordinates projects to help build homes for local families who don’t have a house to call their own – a cause she’s supported since she served as student-at-large on the board of her college alma mater. On every visit to the store, she never fails to give her son, Michael, change to drop in the Salvation Army collection bucket. And for all the good things she does, she refuses to take any credit whatsoever.

While our Shauna doesn’t really exist, you may have someone on your shopping list that shares these same characteristics. So how do you shop for the Shauna in your life? By using the following “What’s Okay and What Would Be Even Better” guide from the shopping experts at your local Wal-Mart:

Sweatshirt and jeans

Danskin Now Velour Pants…$12.63
Thermos Thermos Insulated Pump Pot…$12.88

Cookie sheet World Kitchen Baker’s Secret 5-piece Bake ware Set…$11.93
Needle & Thread Brother LS 2125 Sewing Machine…$88.72
Screw driver Black and Decker 6V Screwdriver…$7.87
Tape measure Black and Decker Auto Tape…$23.67
Socket set Home Tool Set…$19.74
Phone card TracFone… $34.94


Of course, if you simply can’t decide, you can let Shauna do her own shopping by purchasing one of the hottest items going this holiday season: the Wal-Mart gift card. Specially designed cards are available at all Wal-Mart stores and there are even special holiday gift card tins available for just 88 cents designed to make a nice impression under any tree.

There are only seven shopping days until Christmas! Are you ready? If not, good news; the weekend’s here!

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