Mass Timber Construction

Published on June 08, 2021 and last updated on September 18, 2021

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Mass Timber Construction

The new Walmart campus office buildings will be built from mass timber, the latest in engineered wood products that uses wood for an efficient, sustainable, and regenerative structural material. Poised to be the world’s largest use of mass timber for a corporate campus, with an estimated 2.4 million square feet of office space, we believe the best part will be the experience our associates have working in this open concept space with high ceilings and abundant natural light. Mass timber is the latest in precision engineered, design, and construction practices using GluLam Plus for the columns, beams, and purlins that compose the office structural system, and cross-laminated timber (CrossLam CLT) will serve as the floor, roof, and shear-wall elements in the buildings.

Structurlam, North America’s leading provider of mass timber solutions and our manufacturing partner, has expanded their operations beyond British Columbia, Canada, to the U.S. south with their first manufacturing facility in Conway, Arkansas (open Summer 2021). The Structurlam Conway plant will provide more than 130 new jobs, and also continue to support timberland owners and sawmills here in the Natural State. Arkansas is an abundant producer of southern yellow pine which will be used to produce Structurlam’s Glulam Plus and CrossLam CLT products for broad distribution throughout the southern United States.

The use of regionally-sourced mass timber reduces the transportation required to move the raw materials from the forest, to the plant and on to our new campus construction site, and will connect associates with nature and the beauty of Arkansas in their workspace. We’re excited to demonstrate how traditional, regenerative materials and resources will be used in new and innovative ways to construct our new campus offices.