Advancing water and land stewardship

Walmart works to advance water and land stewardship in the communities where we operate and upstream, in the value chains with suppliers, where we source products and food. Our two strategies for water and land stewardship in our own operations can be found below.

Managing water in our operations
Water scarcity has become a significant challenge in many communities where our customers, associates and suppliers live.

Climate change is thought to be playing a role in accelerating the issue, leading to the severe droughts that we have seen in recent years in California, regions of Brazil and most acutely in Cape Town, South Africa. Strains on water supplies can impact the daily lives of our customers, operations of our suppliers and our own facilities. That’s why at Walmart, we are working to promote a quality water supply in our communities, starting with the way we manage water in our own operations.

Compared with other industries, such as mining, manufacturing and agribusiness, retail uses relatively little water directly. Nevertheless, we estimate that more than 20 percent of our operations around the world are, or will be by 2025, located in regions facing high levels of water stress. Our efforts focus first on reducing our demand for water and second on the quality of the effluent as it returns to the water system.

Walmart works to reduce unnecessary water usage in our operations by using efficient fixtures and technologies in the design of our facilities, redesigning processes to require less water, monitoring usage to identify and repair leaks and in some areas even treating and recycling water.

Conserving and restoring natural habitat
Diverse habitats are essential not only to the health of natural systems but also for human recreation and livelihoods.

Walmart works to limit the direct impact on local habitats during construction of our stores and facilities by preserving high-value habitats through philanthropic grants that over ten years have preserved ten times more land than the company has developed in the U.S. since 1962. Additionally, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have worked with stakeholders and suppliers on sustainable practices in value chains. Find more information on these programs.

Read more about our progress in our Global Responsibility Report .

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