Investor Relations 21st Annual Meeting for the Investment Community

Doug McMillon and Greg Foran 2014 Analyst Meeting

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon introduces new Walmart U.S. President and CEO Greg Foran at 2014 Analyst Meeting in Bentonville, AR 

Greg Foran at 2014 Annual Meeting for Investment Community

Greg Foran Addresses Investment Community at 21st Annual Meeting

Walmart U.S. CEO Greg Foran

I'm encouraged by positive comps in our Neighborhood Markets. Customers love the convenience. - Greg Foran, Walmart U.S. President and CEO 

David Cheesewright addresses analysts_10.15.14

Walmart International Serves 120 Million Customers Weekly 

David Cheesewright at Walmart Analyst Meeting_10.15.14

We're accelerating innovation through categories like baby in Chile, Halloween in the UK & Clinics in Canada.- David Cheesewright, President and CEO, Walmart International 

Doug McMillon addresses analysts_10.15.14

Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon

Greg Foran with Walmart US Leadership_10.15.14

Greg Foran and Walmart U.S. Executives Field Analysts Questions

Analyst Asking Question_10.15.14

Analyst Q & A Session with Walmart Executives

Attendees at the Walmart Analyst Meeting_10.15.14

Attendees at the Walmart 21st Annual Meeting for the Investment Community

Gisel Ruiz at 2014 Walmart Annual Meeting for the Investment Community

"We're adding 60,000 new associates this holiday season"