Environmental Sustainability

Published on March 01, 2016 02:39 PM and last updated on May 20, 2016 03:03 PM

  • Solar power rooftop
    Solar power rooftop
  • Solar Panels on Ohio Store 3784 Roof
    Solar Panels on Ohio Store 3784 Roof
  • Solar power in parking lot
    Solar power in parking lot
  • Solar Installations Expanding in Hawaii
    Walmart and SunEdison completed the installation of new solar power panels on the Walmart store in Kapolei, HI.
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  • Glendora, California Sam's Club Solar Panels
    The Glendora Sam's Club is part of Walmart's commitment to accelerate and broaden its sustainability efforts through solar power.
  • Solar Panels on Caguas, Puerto Rico Walmart
    The Walmart in Caguas, Puerto Rico is one of five Walmart facilities on the island equipped with solar panels. In addtion to Caguas, Walmart added solar to sites in Manati, Baymon and two in Ponce.
  • Solar Power Generating Systems
    Walmart is installing solar power generating systems in several locations in California and Arizona. The majority of these sites will utilize thin film panels as seen on this Mountain View, Calif. store.  
  • Solar Panels on Covina Walmart
    One of Walmart’s broad sustainability goals is to be powered by 100% renewable energy, including the use of solar panels on the Covina, Calif. Walmart.
  • White roof and skylights on Las Vegas, Nev. Walmart
    Walmart’s white roofs help reduce energy use and have a lower heat island effect than a darker roofing color. The skylights are part of the company’s daylight harvesting system, which can save an average of 800,000 kwh of energy annually.
  • Wind Energy at Palmdale, California Sam's Club
    Wind Energy at Palmdale, California Sam's Club
  • Wind turbine at Milton, Ontario Walmart
    Adjacent to the Milton, Ontario Walmart store, the 20-killowatt wind turbine is expected to generate as much as 50,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power four average size Canadian households. The wind turbine has been designed for low wind speed areas, where wind power has not been previously practical, and can operate in wind speeds as low as 10 kilometres per hour.
  • Walmart Puerto Rico adds LED parking lot lights
    Walmart Puerto Rico has added LED parking lot lights to 22 of its stores. The technology is expected to reduce energy by 48% and maintenance costs by more than 70%.