Every Day Heroes

Thank You To Our Every Day Heroes
Heroism doesn’t have to be contained to some singular, grandiose act. It can just as well be those everyday acts of kindness, selflessness and positivity that make a hero. That’s why Walmart and PepsiCo are teaming up to celebrate the Every Day Heroes in our own operations. Read on to learn more about who our heroes are and what motivates them.

Chad Dillard

Area Manager, TO 7848, Sparks, Nevada

Walmart associate Chad Dillard is an Every Day Hero

Originally hailing from Los Angeles, over the last seven years Chad has planted his roots in the community of Sparks, Nevada. During that time, he’s spent two and a half years with Walmart. Chad sees each day as a new opportunity to support his drivers and work with his amazing transportation and distribution center teams. He finds joy in ensuring all those around him feel valued and respected, whether in his community or on his team. Chad appreciates his time with Walmart and considers himself fortunate for the opportunity he’s found. His goal is to pay it forward every day by trying to pass on good fortune to anyone he meets.

David Hamilton

Area Manager, DC 7077, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Walmart associate David Hamilton is an Every Day Hero

David has spent over 25 years in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and in those years, he’s become a leader within the Walmart team. He takes pride in helping those around him, doing all he can to support his team personally or to find the right resources to help them. The part of his job that brings him the most joy is seeing his fellow associates come into work, deliver for the business and go home safely to enjoy the fun things in life. Outside of Walmart, David is a volunteer firefighter/EMT for a local fire department, doing what he can to keep his community safe. He'll even occasionally deploy throughout the U.S. to fight wildfires. He says there’s something special about a Mountain Dew at the end of a 16-hour day fighting fires.

Jasmine Dockery

Pharmacy Manager, Store 6394, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Walmart associate Jasmine Dockery is an Every Day Hero

In the seven months since Jasmine joined the Walmart Pharmacy team, she’s made a lasting impact. She takes pride in being a champion for her patients, going the extra mile to ensure they’re taken care of, from providing an emergency refill to resolving an issue with insurance to helping a patient with their COVID booster. With her glass-half-full mindset, Jasmine brings an infectious positivity to the workplace, both to those she serves and to those she works with. She brings that same positive attitude to her community, organizing an annual charity flu clinic for the underserved and underprivileged in Milwaukee or hosting a COVID forum to educate residents. Jasmine believes that little acts of kindness can make a difference in everyone's lives and she always works to pay kindness forward.

Jennifer Stallworth

Optician, Store 1605, Pensacola, Florida

Walmart associate Jennifer Stallworth is an Every Day Hero

Jennifer has been a part of the Walmart team for six years and has spent five in the Vision Center. Each day, Jennifer makes it her mission to provide the best patient care possible, ensuring all her patients' needs are met. Nothing brings her joy quite like seeing her patients leave with smiles on their faces. She approaches each day with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm that rubs off on those around her. She is ready to overcome any obstacle she faces, finding motivation in her fellow associates, bringing positive energy every day and keeping the well-being of her patients in mind.

Kathleen Thompson

Walmart In-Home Delivery Associate, Store 5260, Rogers, Arkansas

Walmart associate Kathleen Thompson is an Every Day Hero

Initially joining the Walmart family as a temporary Christmas associate, Kathleen has now been with the company for over 24 years. She sees each day as a new opportunity to provide the best customer service possible. She understands that many customers rely on Walmart Delivery. Knowing that she’s able to lighten their load, even by a little, makes work worth it. She also enjoys working with the team at Store 5260. Kathleen always matches the warmth and sense of community she feels when she comes into work. Whether it’s with a big smile, a warm greeting or a dozen donuts, she always tries to spread positivity.

Keanna Jones

HR Manager, FC 1258, Fort Worth, Texas

Walmart associate Keanna Jones is an Every Day Hero

Keanna has spent 19 months with the Walmart team, working across multiple locations from Plainfield, Indiana, to Fort Worth, Texas. One of the things she likes most about her job is interacting with her fellow associates. She always tries to ensure her associates and her community are treated with care and respect. Keanna tries to bring positivity into the workplace by building strong relationships to help enhance the experience of her teammates, even throwing EPIC exits and entries with a popular local DJ. Seeing the smiles of her coworkers drives her every day.

Kristin Rohling

Store Manager, Store 4700, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Walmart associate Kristin Rohling is an Every Day Hero

In her 21 years as part of the Walmart family, Kristin has spent the last eight at the Pleasant Grove Neighborhood Market. She takes pride in watching others strive for a goal, succeed and be recognized for their efforts. It reminds her of the moments in her life when she accomplished things she didn’t think she was capable of. Kristin is naturally fulfilled when she’s serving others, and because her team and her community have given her so much, she wants to pay it back in full. Each day, she makes it a goal to have a positive impact in other’s lives, drawing her motivation from those in her own life who have shaped her purpose by believing in her, challenging her and encouraging her.

Loree Rapp

Fresh Team Lead, Store 5257, Mesa, Arizona

Walmart associate Loree Rapp is an Every Day Hero

Loree has been with the Walmart team for four years, spending that time across multiple stores. In her day-to-day role, she enjoys her time working with her team along with all other associates throughout the store. Loree understands how important positivity is for a great work environment, which is why she makes it her mission to keep her team, store associates and customers all smiling and laughing. She never misses an opportunity to encourage her team and let them know how much she appreciates them.

Oscar Valenzuela

Store Manager, Store 1846, Douglas, Arizona

Walmart associate Oscar Valenzuela is an Every Day Hero

Oscar has been a part of the Walmart team for the past 24 years, remaining in his hometown of Douglas, Arizona, throughout his Walmart career. He aims to treat everyone with respect, from his fellow associates to his customers and the members of his community. Seeing the smiles and happy attitudes of coworkers and satisfied customers brightens his days. He enjoys what he does, and his positive attitude lifts up those around him, helping them enjoy what they do more so they can all work together to provide great customer service. Driven by love for his family, Oscar strives for success and brings a joyful, positive attitude to those around him.

Patrice Parrish

Pharmacy Sales Associate, Store 5735, Grovetown, Georgia

Walmart associate Patrice Parrish is an Every Day Hero

Patrice began her journey with Walmart in 2011, and after a four-year hiatus, she returned to the team more energized than ever. Each day, she looks forward to providing her patients with the best possible care, always going above and beyond to ensure their needs are met. She understands that people from all walks of life have their own struggles, and she believes it costs nothing to show kindness to others. Seeing a patient’s smile or hearing a “thank you” warms her spirit. Patrice always comes in with a positive attitude and mindset. She tries everything in her power to keep team spirit high, whether by bringing in a homemade cake, getting snacks for the team or just being a pillar of support.

Rose Anthony

ACC Manager, Store 677, Dyersburg, Tennessee

Walmart associate Rose Anthony is an Every Day Hero

In the two decades Rose has spent with Walmart, she says she’s most enjoyed helping fellow associates grow their careers. From training and answering any questions they may have to helping in their personal lives, she’s always there to lend a hand and provide any resources available. She likes seeing her coworkers happy and believes bringing joy to others makes every day better. That positive attitude is felt by everyone she works alongside.

Stephanie LeMoine

Team Lead, Store 670, Cullman, Alabama

Walmart associate Stephanie LeMoine is an Every Day Hero

Stephanie celebrates seven years with the Walmart family in November 2022, and she looks forward to growing within the company for years to come. She takes pride in the work she does, and she loves the people she works with. It brings her joy to work with her associates, teaching them along the way and in a job well done. Because she enjoys her team so much, she tries to bring positive energy with her every day. She tells jokes and tries to make everyone smile and laugh because, in her opinion, a good laugh makes work more enjoyable.

Tracey Snyder

Store Manager, Store 480, Pittsfield, Illinois

Walmart associate Tracey Snyder is an Every Day Hero

Tracey has taken on many roles in her 26 years at Walmart, from hourly associate to assistant manager, co-manager and store manager. Regardless of the position, she’s always worked to make a difference in the lives and work of her associates. She sees her team at Store 480 as her second family. With how much time she gets to spend with her team in-store, they’re all able to connect on a personal level. This allows her and her team to uplift each other when things are down and celebrate together when things are up. By building these connections, Tracey’s goal is to have her team excited to come to work and enjoy themselves, all while making a positive impact on the lives of her associates and customers.

Tricia Janik

People Lead, Store 2579, Chadron, Nebraska

Walmart associate Tricia Janik is an Every Day Hero

Tricia has spent over three decades with Walmart across two different stints. In that time, she’s overcome many challenges through creativity and perseverance. She enjoys helping her team realize their true potential in both their personal and professional lives. She does what she can to help them develop their individual skill sets, building up their confidence and setting them up for success. Every day when she comes into work, she tries to find the silver lining in all situations, good or bad. She looks for any chance to turn a negative outcome into a positive learning experience. That positive, glass-half-full mindset impacts her associates, creating a positive environment for growth and success.

Bryan Kraynek

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

PepsiCo associate Bryan Kraynek is an Every Day Hero

For Bryan, the real treasure is the friends he’s made along the way. He has forged friendships with customers all along his routes across the Pennsylvania Market in his year-and-a-half with PepsiCo that he might never have met otherwise. He’s kind and friendly to everyone he meets and strives to be a positive force for those around him. Outside of delivering scrumptious snacks to his community, Bryan stays active in it through youth sports, where he coaches both baseball and football.

Jason Fuller

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

PepsiCo associate Jason Fuller is an Every Day Hero

Jason is a great team player who is more than happy to celebrate the success of others. With 19 years of experience with PepsiCo, he enjoys coaching fellow PepsiCo employees into the leaders of tomorrow and working with over 180 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations to make those stores the go-to destinations for refreshing drinks. He’s even giving back to his Tulsa community, partnering with Walmart and Sam’s Club to create a full-service recycling project. It’s just one more way Jason’s helping everyone win together!

Mike Lewis

Orlando, Florida

PepsiCo associate Mike Lewis is an Every Day Hero

Originally from West Virginia, Mike has made himself at home in Orlando for the past 40 years. And with over three decades in the books at PepsiCo, he finds the most joy in his role by helping others as a coach and mentor, guiding them to success in their careers. He also loves his community and enjoys giving back with programs like the local Orlando Magic Shop With a Player event, which enters its 13th year this December. With such a big heart for those around him, Mike is a beacon of goodness down in Florida!

Robert Lucas

Senior Account Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico

PepsiCo associate Robert Lucas is an Every Day Hero

New Mexico native Robert Lucas has been making a difference at PepsiCo for almost three decades, doing his part to bring joy of all flavors to customers across New Mexico and West Texas. The secret to his success? Building great relationships with his Walmart partners at the heart of each of those communities. Always one to lend a hand to those who need it, Robert enjoys getting involved in local initiatives, such as the Children’s Miracle Network, which helps raise funds for children’s hospitals yearly.

Craig Bontty

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Quaker Oats employee Craig Bontty is an Every Day Hero

Craig is a hands-on kind of guy who embraces the challenge of troubleshooting and fixing equipment in his role at Quaker Oats. He takes mechanical curveballs in stride, keeping his eternally-positive attitude shining every day and making time to help others around him. With 20 years spent at Quaker in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, he says it feels like a second home, and prides himself on doing what he can to make his workplace welcoming for everyone he meets.

Curt Basset

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Quakers Oats associate Curt Basset is an Every Day Hero

For almost 40 years, Curtis has remained dedicated to helping his team shine at Quaker in his hometown of Cedar Rapids. And even with that wealth of experience under his belt, he still believes there’s always more to learn and more to teach anyone in need. Curtis loves a good challenge; he finds it rewarding not only to see positive outcomes, but to also help his coworkers thrive!

Ngina Gibson

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Quakers Oats associate Ngina Gibson is an Every Day Hero

Ngina has deep roots in her Cedar Rapids community. In fact, a local school and park are named after her grandma, Viola! With a big heart for her hometown, it’s no surprise she thrives on building meaningful relationships with her coworkers – and between Quaker Oats and the local community. Over the past 11 years, Ngina has consistently brought her vibrant personality to work with her, always happy to pitch in and help her coworkers succeed in any way she can.

Ryan Carlson

Danville, Illinois

Quaker Oats employee Ryan Carlson is an Every Day Hero

Hailing from nearby Hoopston, Illinois, Ryan has always felt right at home at Danville’s Quaker Oats manufacturing plant. Over nine years, he’s come to see his coworkers as a second family, full of brothers and sisters he can look out for and rely on. Because to Ryan, nothing keeps things running as smoothly as people who enjoy working together. He wears his heart on his sleeve for those around him and lets his positive attitude shine for all to see, day-in and day-out.

Alfred Dominguez

Yuma, Arizona

Frito Lay associate Alfred Dominguez is an Every Day Hero

Born and raised in Yuma, Arizona, Alfred Dominguez is happy to serve up smiles — and delicious snacks — for his community. In his three-and-a-half years with Frito-Lay North America, Alfred finds the most joy interacting with his coworkers and customers, bringing an infectiously positive attitude to everyone he meets on his route. He’s motivated by making the most of opportunities, injecting a little joy in the lives of those around him every day and even passing on some of his own wisdom and experiences.

Christopher Spicer

Jackson, Kentucky

Frito Lay associate Christopher Spicer is an Every Day Hero

When Jackson, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas want delicious snacks, hometown hero Christopher Spicer delivers — literally. Born and raised in Jackson, Christopher has spent the past two of his four years at Frito-Lay North America getting snacks on the shelves for the friendly faces he's met along the way. He starts and ends the day with a positive attitude and a smile, driven by a desire to spread joy to the community he loves with satisfying products and his glowing personality.

John Stanczyk

Wyoming, Pennsylvania

Frito Lay associate John Stanczyk is an Every Day Hero

For nearly three decades, John Stanczyk has been bringing the good stuff to local shelves for Frito-Lay North America. Originally from the pizza capital of the world, John finds joy on his routes interacting with his local Walmart team in the Northeast region, building strong relationships to deliver the best snacking variety and selection to customers. Beyond the shelf, John and his team give back to their community with holiday food drives and giving trees to help those in need. Whether it’s on the job or around town, he’s always delivering joy to those around him.

Jorge Garcia

Los Angeles, California

Frito-Lay North America employee Jorge Garcia is an Every Day Hero

Jorge loves delivering to everyone’s favorite part of the store: the snack aisle. He brings his A-game every day to help service stores along his route to keep the flavor flowing and appetites satisfied. Closing in on seven years with Frito-Lay North America, Jorge is glad to be a part of a team that brings smiles to so many in his community, and is dedicated to spreading more joy and delicious snacks for years to come.

Joe (Joseph) Paradyse

Orlando, Florida

Frito Lay associate Joe Paradyse is an Every Day Hero

Serving a large tourist area like Orlando for 42 years means Joe has crossed paths with people from all over the world, and he loves getting to interact with such a massive variety of snack fans. It doesn’t hurt that Joe brings his warm and welcoming personality along with him everywhere he goes, spreading smiles to coworkers and strangers alike at every turn. With such a long tenure, Joe’s experience is instrumental in getting new members of the Frito-Lay North America team off to a great start from their first day.

Timothy Bredemus

Madison, Wisconsin

Frito Lay associate Timothy Bredemus is an Every Day Hero

Timothy strives to be a beacon of light in his community because he believes that deep down, people are good at heart, and deserving of kindness and respect. That positivity radiates from him as he serves his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas, where he’s been an integral part of the Frito-Lay North America family for 25 years. Day-in and day-out, Timothy loves working with his partners at Walmart, as they work together to spread good times and delicious flavor to everyone around them.

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