ESG Issues

Our reporting is centered around a series of issue briefs covering each of Walmart’s priority ESG issues in depth. Each brief covers our aspiration and strategy with respect to the issue, the relevance of the issue to business and society, our key goals and metrics, and our progress to date.
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  • Responsible sourcing; economic opportunity; responsible recruitment; worker safety
  • Food and product safety; access to affordable, nutritious food; sustainable chemistry
  • Codes and standards; ethics; anti-corruption; antitrust; harassment and discrimination; training
  • Business continuity planning; mitigation & recovery; supporting communities
  • Human rights statement; salient issues; governance; stakeholder engagement; human rights in supply chains
  • Board diversity, experiences & skills; Board and management oversight; executive compensation
  • Through policy advocacy, engagement with lawmakers, support of the political process, and collaboration with business coalitions and key NGOs, we aim to support public policy that is in the interests of our business, customers, associates, communities, and other stakeholders.
  • We seek to build and maintain the trust of customers, associates and communities with respect to our use of technology and data, in line with our values of service, excellence, integrity, and respect for the individual.