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Published on June 10, 2021 and last updated on February 25, 2022

As an employer, you want your team to stay<br/>safe and healthy. We’re here to help.

Employer Resources

As an employer, you want your team to stay
safe and healthy. We’re here to help.

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COVID-19 Vaccinations

To help maintain a healthy workplace and help protect workers against COVID-19, many employers are facilitating events to help get employees vaccinated. If you are interested in hosting an event, or simply want to learn more, please read below or fill out this survey, and we will connect with you.

About Walmart

Who we are: Walmart is committed to making health care more affordable and accessible. Our goal is to transform the cost and convenience of essential health care and improve the well-being of all communities.

Where we operate: Walmart and Sam’s Club operate in over 5,300 locations across the U.S., and over 5,100 locations have pharmacies. Every Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy is currently equipped to vaccinate individuals aged 12 and above.

Why it’s important: Our stores are a center of well-being for our customers. Our qualified pharmacists are partners in our customers health care journeys, and we are providing quality care that supports our mission of helping people save money and live better – and healthier – lives.

How We Can Help You: Services We Offer

Learn more about our pharmacies

  • Our pharmacies offer a wide range of health services to help your employees stay healthy, from flu shots to blood pressure screenings.

Learn more about getting your employees vaccinated

  • View our Employer COVID Vaccine Offering document.
  • Looking to help educate your employees on the COVID-19 vaccine? You can provide this helpful, informative handout to your employees.
  • Fill out this survey if interested in a vaccine event we will connect with you.
  • Visit our vaccine FAQ's to learn how to communicate with your employees.

Learn more about our other services