Love and Marriage… and a Hurricane: The story of Vincent and Samantha Boos

Feb. 9, 2023

2 Min. Read
Vinny and Sammy Love Story Valentines Day Lead Image

When life gives you a hurricane, it’s time to get married. We’re pretty sure that’s how the saying goes. But even if we’re wrong, that’s how life really went for two Sam’s Club associates during Hurricane Ian. After all, love lifts us up where we belong.

Meet Samantha (Sammy) and Vincent (Vinny) Boos. Their wedding date was supposed to be Oct. 1, 2022. They had been planning it since 2020, when Sammy proposed to Vinny on Christmas Eve.

"They had planned their entire wedding down to the flowers, which they made themselves, their maid of honor did the table cards and everything was ready to go," said Robert Mann, their supervisor in Cape Coral, Florida. "Then September 28 came and Hurricane Ian struck our community."

Friends, family, co-workers, everyone was invited. Well, everyone except Ian. The destruction Hurricane Ian caused to the Cape Coral community and surrounding areas was devastating. Vinny couldn’t believe the timing of it all.

Sammy and Vinny wouldn’t be stopped. They gathered up their local friends and put some new plans into motion. Their best man brought one of the bridesmaids down after her flight was canceled. And another bridesmaid who works with them at the club also joined them to have a small ceremony on Oct. 1, their day. Even their supervisor was able to take some time away from the hurricane relief efforts to wish them well.

So how did this story start? It had been in the making for years, since 2014 to be exact. Sammy and Vinny met at an anime convention in Atlanta. They met through their best man, Scott, who also attended the convention. They didn’t live in the same state and had a long-distance relationship for a while. Scott even helped drive Vinny 10 hours to Sammy’s senior prom. And then she ultimately moved to Florida and the rest is history.

Vinny and Sammy Love Story Valentines Day

After working for Sam’s Club in Florida and having complete support from their club, they’ve now decided to go back to where it all began, and transfer to a Sam’s Club in the Atlanta area.

"Ever since we started at Sam's, we have been treated very kindly by the company. We are proud of the work we do and love the team that we get to be apart of and grew close to," Sammy said of the transition, adding they are going to have a local ceremony for friends and family who couldn’t attend because of the hurricane, before they move. "We both have plans to try and move up in the company through the years, whether that ends up with us as a team lead, manager, or further."

And they’re going to be there for each other because love of course, is a many splendored thing, and for Vinny, all he needs is love.

"My favorite thing about Sammy is her laugh. It is so contagious, loud and makes those around her laugh," Vinny said. "Also, when I get frustrated, she helps me feel so much better and keeps me grounded when I need it. She always knows exactly what to say when I need to hear it."

As for Sammy, humor and caring go a long way. "My favorite thing about Vinny is that he is honestly hilarious. We have the same type of humor and it makes for real funny situations a lot of the time," she said. "He is also so caring about those around him and goes out of his way to help both during and outside of work."

For Vinny and Sammy, love is in the air, especially during a hurricane. And even as they move onto their next journey together, Sammy has a few words of wisdom when looking for that special someone.

From Vinny, Sammy and all of us at Sam’s Club… Happy Valentine’s Day!