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Oct. 29, 2021

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Whoever said you have to go left or right when there’s a fork in the road may not have met Marjanee "Maggie" Watson. She’s going to go right down the middle to create a new path, and that’s the way she likes it.

"What excites me is that each and every day is a new experience in the club," Maggie says. "Of course, the basics are the same, such as teaching and training, club standards, quality products, etc. But every day we are met with unique challenges, we interact with tons of new personalities, and we always have new and exciting products and services that are introduced to keep us competitive in the world of retail.”

For this club manager, whether it’s ziplining in a tropical location, skiing in the mountains, chilling out in Paris or managing those new experiences at her club in Georgia, she’s all in on making the most for her life and for those around her.

"Just learning to celebrate the little wins in life," Maggie says, of how to make any fork in the road a path worth taking. "I’ve been working hard in my career and in my personal life to get to certain accomplishments, but I’m learning to recognize the small victories that I’m making every day. Those are just as important to recognize instead of beating yourself up for not being at your big goals yet."

Maggie majored in accounting at Southeastern Louisiana University and during that time held various roles on campus and gained some work experience at a couple different accounting/finance firms. She has also worked at other retailers, but it was the summer before her senior year that she faced a fork in the road and decided to take an internship with Sam’s Club in Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s there she shadowed the management team, traveled with the marketing team, and learned the ins and outs of the business. That fork in the road gave her a new family.

"I was born and raised in a small town in Louisiana," she says. "Family has always been so important to me, so it was only natural that I would grow to call my team at Sam's Club my family as well."

After graduating, she accepted a permanent role with Sam’s Club, and she’s been with the company ever since. She found her niche as a merchandising manager and used that skill to get promoted to co-manager and then she was recently promoted to her current role as club manager. It’s the family aspect and culture that has her invigorated for more.

"The culture of celebrating diversity is so refreshing. I can chase my goals without having to fit into a certain box, and I learn so much more from others because they are being their true, unique selves," she explains. "I also appreciate that regardless of what position you start with the company, you can promote to whatever level you work hard enough to get to."

And no matter what’s in store for her future, she has a co-pilot right along for the ride.

"My husband is my best friend, so we literally do everything together. We love trying new experiences – new restaurants, random tours, concerts, festivals. Anything you can think of," she says, knowing he’ll be there regardless of the path. "We’re very random."

Randomness aside, Maggie realizes the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, regardless of whether you turn left, right or make your own path.

I’ve had so many experiences and it has allotted my family so many more opportunities than I could’ve ever imagined. Retail can be more than just a job, it’s truly a career that I can be proud of and have found so many successes in. It’s tough, but the rewards are big.
Marjanee “Maggie” Watson, Sam's Club manager in Georgia

Maggie nand her team