We’re Off to See The Wizard

Sep. 30, 2021

2 Min. Read

While it might not be lions, tigers and bears, David Dragos encounters hurricanes, ice storms and pandemics daily… oh my!

See, David leads Sam’s Club’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). That makes this former club manager the guy every single club contacts to pull all the right levers when there is an emergency – day or night.

"With my current role I can help support associates and members all around the country while continuing to further my career," David said.


David started his career with Sam’s Club 14 years ago as a part time Sam’s Club Café associate. He held various roles, including assistant manager, market technology manager, club manager, and he’s been able to take those experiences to heart.

"Over the last 14 years I have met some great associates and made some lifelong friends," he said. "Every position I have held with the company has been a new experience and has helped me grow both professionally and in my personal life."

He remembers his role as a club manager as being one of the experiences that truly made him comfortable thinking on his feet and thriving under times of stress.

"As a club manager you have a responsibility to take care of the associates, members and help support in the local community during good times and in times of need. Our associates have always stepped up and go above and beyond during these times."

So, with September being Emergency Preparedness month, let’s learn a little more about why David is able to do what he does and more about the people he supports in times of uncertainty. Now, the EOC looks a little different during pandemic days, when corporate offices are closed, but David continues to do what he does best.


"David and the team were absolutely fantastic," said Brandon Murray, a market manager who needed support during Hurricane Ida.

Brandon and his team needed David and the EOC to help him manage the needs of the clubs in Louisiana, as well as the needs of any affected associates and their families.

The sense of urgency and execution was at very highly level around the clock, day in and day out. Their support and efficiency, allowed us to take care of our associates while standing up our clubs for the community. Well done!
Brandon Murray, Market Manager

And it’s because of moments like that why David brought is family to Arkansas. "I loved being a club manager but wanted to make a bigger impact in the company," he said after moving from California as a club manager to Arkansas with his wife and four kids. "Sam's Club has been a great place to work, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to support our associates and members."

Starting when he was 18, David grew up with Sam’s Club. And now being able to support every club in the company, he can take what he’s learned and pay it forward. So, helping clubs through emergency situations and supporting their needs truly makes him feel at home. And after all, there’s no place like it.


"Over the last 14 years the business has transformed, and I have been blessed to be part of it," he said. "I started with the company when I was 18 and have grown up as an individual and a leader with the company. Our culture fosters an environment of teaching and training which has helped me grow into the leader I am today."