He’s in the Driver’s Seat Now – Literally AND Figuratively

Aug. 5, 2021

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Shawn Stackhouse Lead Image

Shawn Stackhouse has nothing but the open road in front of him now, but he wasn’t always in the fast lane. Just a short while ago, life was hitting the brakes amid moving pieces, occasional speed bumps and change.

When I first started, I had a few jobs with Sam's Club…I just wanted to move up. I had, I guess, a passion to move up—to go ahead and really pursue things.
Shawn Stackhouse

With this work ethic and desire to learn and grow, there’s almost nothing Shawn hasn’t done within the club. He’s currently a Member Specialty Manager at a club in York, Pennsylvania. But he started out as a cashier, and his experience includes hardlines, claims, receiving, the gas station, forklift driver, backup Personnel Training Coordinator (PTC), and serving as Team Lead.

"I can't help it. I'm on the frontend [now] but I also go to the salesfloor to make sure they’re good."

Shawn’s versatility and experience in different areas of the club came in handy when he applied for the Sam’s Club Manager in Training (MIT) program with the encouragement of his former Club Manager and Personnel Training Coordinator at a club in Maryland.

In a way, applying for MIT is what would start the drive of his life.

"It was like a feeling of euphoria," Shawn said describing how he felt when he not only got into MIT but also got his first management position. "Super ecstatic. Like a weight lifted off knowing that I can go ahead and do different things…and still be able to be there for my mom."

And so, Shawn’s life pressed forward. But continuing to build it would be difficult. He was the primary support for his mother and he didn’t have a car. Not to mention, he was offered a new management opportunity based in a different club.

However, he was able to take advantage of benefits Sam’s Club provides like the associate stock program and the Even app, which allowed him to achieve a greater sense of financial wellbeing. He continues to use the Even app and its many functionalities today.

I was able to get my car within three weeks [of moving to York, Pennsylvania]. I got my license and everything...I was happy I was able to even save beforehand.
Shawn Stackhouse

Shawn Stackhouse 2.jpg

And so once again, Shawn was able to press forward.

Looking back, it took a lot of drive for Shawn get where he is today. Apart from leveraging company tools and resources like the MIT program and the Even app, his fellow associates were also his passengers, encouraging him every mile and every step of his path forward.

"It's like every time I’ve been given, like a hurdle to pass, the job has been able to try to help me out and be understanding. So, it helped me get passed everything," Shawn said. "I love the whole family sense that we have as a whole. We really work as a family unit."

Shawn continues to build his life—forging forward to even greater destinations.

Stories like Shawn’s show us what it’s like to put our own lives into gear. And suddenly going from 0 to 60 and living life in the fast lane feels effortless.