A Special Thanks for our Special Moms: These Sam’s Club Moms are Moving Mountains

May 6, 2021

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Mommy! Mother! Ma! Mama! Mum! Mom! Listen, Linda…

No matter what they call you or how persistent they are trying to get your attention with something seemingly unimportant, a mother’s love can move mountains for their kids. Just ask some of our Sam’s Club moms who are making a difference for their families at work and at home.

“I am proud that Sam's Club sees the value in supporting women through professional growth and motherhood,” said Sarah Hopkins a club manager, who has a passion for her family and her club. “Being a mother at Sam's Club proves that you can be passionate about more than one thing.”

Sarah’s children see that balance, but sometimes she can’t help but laugh at what they absorb. “My father reached out to my daughter to ask her a question and she told him she was busy with her associates and would have to call him back,” she exclaimed.

Valerie Anderson

“One thing my mom taught me and my siblings was to enjoy every moment as a family,” said Valerie Anderson, a club manager, mother of twins and daughter of a Sam’s Club associate. “I carry this teaching on to my girls and always say we’re together making memories as a family, and that is all that matters. Life is a gift, so enjoy the moments.”

For Valerie, family is everything and she treats her associates as a true extension of that family, because that’s what she has seen from her own mother.

“I always say every Sam’s Club I have worked in that we are family, and I carry that with me, so the associates feel it too,” she said. “Our Sam’s Club family helps us do what we do each day, and I love what I get to do each day for them and the members.”

For Tiffany Kimble-Young, a member representative, she wants to be an example for her daughter while letting her daughter know how proud she is of her.

“Being her mother has truly been the GREATEST accomplishment in life, and it is what I am the proudest of in life. She has truly given my life meaning and I have never known a love like the love that I have for her,” Tiffany said, sharing her daughter sees how her hard work pays off and wants to be just like her. “When I order Sam's Club shirts for myself, I usually have to order one for my daughter (who just turned seven) so she can have one to wear. She tells everyone at her school that she is going to work at Sam's Club one day.”

Olga Mejia, a merchandising manager, has worked at six different Sam’s Club locations, but each has shaped her family.

“I have my work family, then my home family. Most days we as a team laugh a lot and seem to put a smile on each other’s face,” she said. “I bring this joy home when I leave work, making it easier to do my job as a mom and wife. I am thankful for the environment I work in each day to be able to have work life balance.”

Sometimes it’s all about making time when there isn’t any. That’s what Melissa Stafford, a club manager, has learned about being a working mother.

“When my daughter and I are together, I want to make the most of those moments, like finding time to just do something special together,” she said. “I never miss a recital or a huge event. I rearrange my schedule, so I am present for those things. I am happy that Sam’s Club and my boss gives us the opportunity to do so. And I have empathy for my associates who are parents and are working hard to get it all done as well.”

Reanna Gann, a fresh manager, notonly has grown kids she raised, but she was also the primary caregiver for her parents who both had Alzheimer’s. She lost her father a few months before starting at Sam’s Club, and it was tough, to say the least, leaving her mother so she could provide for her.

“It was hard leaving my mom at times. My mom went everywhere with me when I left the house. So sometimes when I would get ready for work, she would think she could go with me. She’d get up to get ready and I would have to tell her she couldn’t come with me but that I’d see her in a while.”

Reanna lost her mom to cancer in 2020, but she was there for her, providing for her, until her last breath. “Working for Sam’s Club has been a great experience and a blessing to our family,” she said, humbly not wanting to take credit for a job well done. “But in the end, my hat goes off to all working mothers.”

For recently widowed mother and bakery team lead Teresa Martinez, her children and her Sam’s Club family mean the world.

“It means a lot to me to be a mother at Sam’s Club because it gives me the opportunity to do something I’m very passionate about,” she said. “I love working with my co-workers. They are my family outside my family. We lean on each other for strength, wisdom and support.”

As you can see, moms can pretty much do it all. And we’re here to support them.

I don’t feel strong every day…but I appreciate I can be myself and hopefully help other working moms feel accepted in the club. Being a working mother at Sam’s Club is both fun and messy at times. But it keeps me grounded as I always remember what’s important in life.
Megan Crozier, mother of two and chief merchant at Sam’s Club

So do we. So please help us all at Sam’s Club recognize those who are mothers, those who are future mothers and those who are mothers at heart. No matter your situation, all of you make this world go round.