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Published on September 16, 2015 and last updated on December 15, 2015

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The Walmart Sustainability Leaders shop makes it easier to find products made by companies that have scored as best in class in Walmart’s Sustainability Index.

Walmart believes that customers shouldn’t have to choose between affordability and sustainability – that’s why all companies that supply to Walmart are eligible to participate in this program.

On, more than 10,000 items made by companies identified as leaders in a category (like televisions or plastic toys) through the Walmart Sustainability Index are marked with a Sustainability Leaders badge. This represents nearly 3,000 unique products. The Sustainability Index is a supplier scorecard program that is the result of years of work with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), an independent, nonprofit organization that collaborates with more than 100 product manufacturers, nonprofits, and academic researchers to create science-based measurement tools.

The Sustainability Leaders badge does not make representations about the environmental or social impact of an individual product, only that the manufacturer has scored well enough to earn a badge across all of the products they make in that category. For example, a television identified with a Sustainability Leaders badge indicates that the manufacturer has been identified as a Sustainability Leader among its peers in the television category for its sustainability management practices.

Although the badge isn’t specific to the individual product’s environmental impact, our supplier and category level approach is intended to help customers identify companies leading in sustainability.

Learn more about what the badge means, how companies qualify for the badge, how the Sustainability Index promotes transparency and more through these frequently asked questions.

We created Sustainability Leaders to help customers live better.
The price for a Sustainability Leaders’ product doesn’t go up when a supplier is badged. It’s the same price today as it was yesterday.

Since 2007, we have aspired to three broad sustainability goals, one of which is selling products that sustain people and the environment. Empowering our customers to work with us to reward best-in-class companies by purchasing their products is a key next step in achieving this goal.

Sustainability Leaders makes shopping easier for customers:
We’ve heard from our customers that the main barriers in acting on sustainability are: 1) knowing what sustainability actually means; and 2) understanding which companies are doing better than others.

We’re simplifying this process by helping customers understand the issues that TSC has identified as the most important in evaluating sustainability in a product category and identifying suppliers that are leading in their product categories through managing those issues. is noting leaders with a simple badge on qualifying product pages and sharing a TSC fact sheet about the relevant sustainability opportunities for the applicable product category.

We encourage customers to take the next step by also doing their own research and learning as much as they can about the products they buy.

People and the planet can benefit when our customers can find companies that are leading in sustainability and buy their products.

Sustainability Leaders measures supplier performance through the Sustainability Index:
Through Sustainability Leaders, companies earn a badge based on their responses to category surveys through the Sustainability Index. These science-based surveys are developed by TSC to assess a company’s approach to monitoring and managing the social and environmental factors that matter most across the full life cycle of its products.

As a third-party expert, TSC creates customized surveys for product categories like televisions or plastic toys that have similar manufacturing processes and environmental and social opportunities. The questions are designed based on review and analysis of peer-reviewed scientific research in topics relevant to that product category.

Companies may qualify their products for the Sustainability Leaders badge if they rank as best in class among other suppliers in a product category.  This means that companies must score as No. 1 in that category, or, in categories where there are many leading suppliers, products made by any supplier that scores over 80% will also qualify.