5 Insights into Walmart's Business from Doug McMillon

In February, Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., was interviewed by graduate student Scott St. Marie at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as part of the Global Speaker Series and View from the Top series. McMillon shared how he's leading change and evolving the business of a 52 year-old company: "When making decisions, move with speed but use collective wisdom." McMillon also discussed the impact of globalization and culture on today’s business strategy. Here are a few clips from the session:

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1. Raising Wages

Giving 500,000 associates a raise, how the leaders made the decision to raise the starting wage and the opportunities Walmart provides to climb the opportunity ladder. Watch now.

2. Local Relevance and Global Leverage

What is common and unique around the world. Watch now.

3. E-commerce Disruption

How e-commerce has changed Walmart and how the company is positioned to reach customers in new ways. Watch now.

4. Difficult Decisions

The importance of having great people around you to make the best decisions. Watch now.

5. Sustainability at Walmart
A response to a question about the Walton family's and Walmart's commitment to sustainability and how that has affected business decisions. Watch now.