Strengthening local communities

Walmart’s 2.3 million associates live and work in more than 10,000 communities in 28 countries around the world. Every day, our associates bring the stuff of daily life – food, medicine, clothing, household or other items – to more than 300 million friends and neighbors in these communities. 

Over the years, we have realized that we can use our strengths to serve local communities in ways that go beyond our retail mission. 

For example, in times of disaster, our associates have rallied to direct donations of food, water and other supplies from our stores and distribution centers and work with others on the ground to coordinate relief and recovery efforts. Increasingly, we are working with other organizations to strengthen disaster preparedness (as well as continuing to provide relief), drawing on our philanthropy, associate expertise and relationships with suppliers, nonprofits and government agencies. 

And day to day, we aim to strengthen communities by working with organizations such as hospitals, food banks, schools and youth sports – through a combination of cash and in-kind donations, customer campaigns and associates volunteering time and their considerable skills in logistics, operations and technology (to name a few).

Strengthening local communities creates value for business as well as society. Strong communities foster social stability and more inclusive economic growth – which in turn support a healthier customer base, associate talent pool and supplier base for business. 

Our priorities and programs include:

  • Enhancing resilience in the face of disasters
    • Improving the speed and focus of response to disasters
    • Strengthening the preparedness of communitiesfor disasters
  • Developing communities through associate, customer and company engagement
    • Empowering associates to engage in their community
    • Supporting associates through scholarships and hardship funds
    • Investing in communities