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Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program

Walmart offers suppliers timely and secure electronic payments through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program. For more information about enrolling in Walmart’s EFT Program, call the Global Shared Services Contact Center at 1-888-499-6377 (U.S./Puerto Rico) or 1-888-709-6377 (Canada).

Expense Suppliers

Download EFT Setup Instructions - Expense Suppliers
Download EFT Enrollment Form - Expense Suppliers

Purchase Suppliers

Download EFT Setup Instructions - Purchase Suppliers
Download EFT Enrollment Form - Purchase Supplier

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

We hope this information will be helpful in implementing an EDI partnership with Walmart. If you have additional questions, please contact the Walmart EDI Support team. We look forward to assisting you.

Download Getting Started with Walmart EDI

For additional Information:
Walmart’s Implementation guidelines can be accessed through Retail Link E-Commerce/EDI.

Please note that for EDI purposes, "Walmart" refers to Walmart Stores, Inc. This includes Sam's Clubs, Supercenters, Walmart Stores, Neighborhood Markets and Distribution Centers.

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Supplier Replenishment Training

Supplier Replenishment Training page provides online training modules. Please follow these steps to access the page:

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  5. Supplier Replenishment Training
Supplier Sustainability

Visit the Walmart Sustainability Hub, an online location for Walmart suppliers, associates and partners to learn, connect and drive sustainability through collaboration.

Supply Chain Reliability

Walmart and Sam’s Club are continually seeking to improve our supply chain efficiency. Lack of supply chain reliability creates inefficiencies that drive up the cost of doing business, resulting in higher prices for the goods we sell. These costs impede us in providing our mutual customers the every day low prices they deserve.

Therefore, in order to better serve our customers and members, Walmart and Sam’s Club recently partnered with U.S suppliers across all business units in a collective effort to develop the Supply Chain Reliability Program. We are excited about rolling out this initiative in collaboration with a broader assortment of valued suppliers. The new program will help us operate at the lowest possible cost and provide the best possible service.

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  5. Supplier Chain Reliability – Suppliers

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Product Safety and Compliance Library

Product Safety and Compliance administers programs to identify, mitigate and monitor risks associated with general merchandise. We strive to set clear expectations within the supply chain and develop reasonable levels of assurance and procedures for corrective action.

Product Safety and Compliance is responsible for General Merchandise in all U.S. and Puerto Rico retail formats for Walmart,, Sam's Club, and Food and Pharmacy are covered by different groups within Walmart. Please contact your merchant with questions for those departments.

Product Safety and Compliance provides information regarding product safety and regulatory requirements and does not include requirements related to product quality. For questions regarding quality requirements, please contact your merchant.

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  5. Product Safety and Compliance Library