Service & Non-Resale Supplier Departments

Construction/Mechanical Services

Construction/Mechanical services suppliers include general contractors (new facilities and/or remodels of existing facilities), architects and/or engineers.

Mechanical services installation contractors include HVAC, refrigeration, energy management systems services 

All projects are bid to Walmart-approved general contractors. To become an approved contractor, Walmart requires certain business information and certifications. 

Subcontractors:  General Contractors independently select subcontractors for each project. Project information for subcontractors is provided to national plan rooms 30 days in advance of the project going out to bid. 

Walmart uses the following plan rooms:

McGraw-Hill (Dodge):  918-451-6658 or

Bid Clerk:  877-737-6482

Reed Construction Data:  877-733-3411

CDC News (Construction Data Company):  800-872-7878

Virtual Builders Exchange:  214-687-9000

Energy Suppliers

Walmart Energy manages energy for Walmart stores, distribution centers and Sam’s Clubs across the United States and Puerto Rico.  We are not involved in maintenance activities or the design of new stores. Below are descriptions of the functions we perform and the products/services we are likely to procure. 

Please submit your proposal to

Utility Companies (including propane suppliers) 
The Regional Energy Management Team manages our facility portfolio in regulated utilities. For questions pertaining to facilities or the accounts, please contact us. The team works largely with utilities in managing service connections, disconnections and transfers and applying for rebate or incentive programs for energy efficiency equipment. Please refer to the regional map detailing the energy managers and coverage areas.       

Note: We do not handle telecom issues. 

Renewable Energy Procurement
Walmart has used Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Leases almost exclusively with terms of less than 10 years. Projects to date include solar, microwind and fuel cells.  

Energy Procurement
We are a Retail Electric Provider in ERCOT and other states in the U.S. We do not require retail electricity contracts. 

For natural gas, we accept bids for commodity supply in states that allow this.  The states are usually bid out annually.   

Generator program
Walmart works with our providers to supply existing sites in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with distributed generator systems for the benefit of load reduction during high-demand hours and for use as an onsite backup electrical power source. These gen-set systems run in parallel with the utility (frequency and voltage), and employ the necessary safety features (back feed prevention and seamless fade).  

In states or regions where incentives are readily available, these systems are deployed under a shared savings arrangement, with the provider owning the asset and associated installation, operation, and maintenance of the systems.  These systems are readily deployed in areas with high potential for weather related outages, and where incentives are present. 

Primary transformer installations
Walmart purchases and installs primary transformers and switchgear in new Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs, or in some cases, in our existing facilities undergoing extensive remodel or relocation. In additional to procuring a favorable service rate, these installations help to minimize line loss in the system.  

Power factor correction
Walmart purchases and installs power factor correction devices such as capacitors at our sites in order to optimize the power factor at these sites. In addition to increased efficiency, these installations help eliminate poor power factor penalties and surcharges in regions where these are applied. 

Energy Technology  
If you submit an energy efficiency technology for our consideration please consider the following: 

  • Validation of testing in a lab. A Department of Energy Lab report is usually required.
  • Financial Review of your company
  • UL listed
  • Must be scalable – able to implement in multiple sites
  • Ability to quantify validity of product
  • Is it weather dependent?
  • Is it demand or usage reduction?

We do not invest in technology developments. We do a limited number of tests of technology per year.

Facility Maintenance

Walmart’s corporate office manages the maintenance of equipment, signs, cabling/telecom, refrigeration, HVAC, energy management systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, structural repairs, parking lot repairs, roofing replacement/repairs and pest control.

Facilities Maintenance Equipment Service Providers (e.g. bakery ovens, floor equipment, forklifts) and maintenance services that require licensing (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, roofing) interested in working with Walmart contact the Facilities Maintenance Hotline at 877-861-8217 or a local Walmart store or Sam’s Club to express interest.

Store/Club Maintenance Providers: Service providers for routine maintenance and small repair needs are selected at the store/club-level. Some examples of these services include landscaping, power washing, parking lot sweeping, snow removal, locksmith, small electrical/plumbing repairs, assembly and other temporary services. Some of these services are bid on an annual basis and do not have immediate opportunities.

To become an approved service provider, contact the local Walmart store or Sam’s Club location. If the store/club has an opportunity for you to bid their work or provide service(s), the store will contact the Walmart Home Office Supplier & Contract Management team and request approval for you to provide services. Once a decision is made, the team will finalize the qualification process.

Approved service providers need to be able to service a multi-city, if not multi-state region. All work orders are transmitted electronically via an online work order management system. You must be able to accept work orders and invoice electronically to be approved for work.

If you’ve already begun the application process and need help, call (877) 861-8217 or for assistance.

Realty Procurement Service (RPS)

Walmart’s corporate office manages the purchase of equipment, fixtures, construction materials, janitorial supplies, etc. for its facilities. To become an approved supplier, Walmart requires certain business information.  

Information Systems Division (ISD)

Walmart Information Systems Division manages hardware, software and professional services for technology. At this time, we are not seeking to add new suppliers to our portfolio. ISD should not be contacted by the following types of suppliers and/or services: 

  • Professional services, contract labor or consulting
  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • IT services

Global Security

If your company is interested in becoming a supplier to Walmart's Global Investigations, Security, Aviation or Travel areas, please contact Please note the following requirements for doing business with us: 

  • Requests must come from a valid company email address
  • U.S. Federal Tax ID Number
  • A minimum of $2 Million in Liability Insurance
  • Dun & Bradstreet Number
  • Any Walmart business awarded cannot be more than 20% of your business
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Ability to submit products to Consumer Testing Lab (CTL) (If applicable)
  • Ability to implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (If applicable)
  • GS1 Membership Number (If applicable)


Marketing includes but is not limited to production, photography, social media services, event management, and creative agencies for Walmart U.S. only.

Marketing should not be contacted by the following types of suppliers and/or services:

  • Selling of products or goods for resale
  • Store-level supplier engagement
  • Requests about inventions, patents, licenses, etc.
  • Utilities and/or maintenance
  • Real estate and/or facilities
  • Supplies, coupons, training or IT/security

Media buy/proposal requests: Visit

Sponsorship requests: Visit 

All potential suppliers must meet the Walmart Marketing supplier requirements which include:

  • Request must come from a company email address
  • Any Walmart business awarded cannot be more than 20% of your business
  • Tax ID number (W-9)

There are no current business needs for marketing suppliers at this time.
Marketing suppliers interested in working with Walmart should forward a company capabilities deck, top 3 key areas of expertise and contact information to the dedicated email for Marketing Supplier Interest found below. Information will be reviewed based on internal business needs. New suppliers will be contacted directly should there be an interest and need. Marketing Supplier Interest can be contacted at