Walmart's Social Media Guidelines

We engage with our customers and stakeholders beyond the walls of our stores: you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Foursquare. This page will give you a better idea on how to engage with us in social media, what you can expect from us, and where to find more information.

Walmart's Twitter Engagement Guidelines

Twitter asks a very basic question of its users: “What’s happening?” And we know the answer to that question – we’re working every day to help people save money so they can live better.

Through our Twitter account we aim to provide you with information on Walmart’s major activities and initiatives - from sustainability to diversity, from healthier foods to charitable giving. We welcome your thoughts on any and all of those topics.

Please note that we won’t be able to reply to store or service issues through Twitter. If you would like to comment about customer service or other issues please visit our Walmart  Facebook feedback app, leave a comment through our  Contact Us page or call 1-800-WALMART.

Here are a couple of things you should know about our Twitter engagement:

  • All official Walmart Twitter users are identified at
  • We are committed to having a dialogue with our followers. We count on you to use @ messages in a way that contributes to the dialogue. Please support any claims with links to information sources whenever possible. We love opinions; we love them even more when you back them up with facts.
  • We strive to respond to as many relevant questions and comments as possible, but we reserve the right to use our judgment in selecting the messages we respond to.
  • Following a Twitter account or including an account in a Twitter list does not constitute an endorsement; the same applies to re-tweeting messages posted on accounts that Walmart does not own, or marking them as “favorites.”

The posting and presence of content on Twitter and on this site does not necessarily mean that Walmart agrees with the content, ensures its accuracy or otherwise approves of it. Nothing in any Twitter page constitutes a binding representation, agreement or an endorsement on the part of Walmart. Please review Twitter’s terms of use carefully when engaging on the site. 

Walmart’s Facebook Engagement Guidelines

We’re excited that you’ve joined us on our Facebook Fan page, and we know you’ve got plenty to say. At Walmart, our mission is our purpose: we save people money so they can live better. 

While you’re with us, we hope you’ll take a moment to read the following guidelines we ask you to follow when contributing to our Facebook Fan page: 

  1. Don’t do anything that breaks the law.
  2. Be polite and courteous, even if you disagree. Excessive name calling, profanity, fighting words, discriminatory epithets, sexual harassment, bullying, gruesome language or the like, will not be tolerated.
  3. Stay on topic. Keep the conversation relevant to the community and contribute to the dialogue. We reserve the right to remove content that is off-topic, out of context, spam, promotional or links to third party sites.
  4. Keep it real. All wall postings should come from a real person and Facebook profile. Postings from fake or anonymous profiles will be deleted when discovered.
  5. There is a place for customer service-related questions, complaints, concerns or ideas from customers. If you are a customer and have a customer service comment, complaint, concern or idea, we encourage you to post it on Walmart's Facebook Feedback tab, to ensure that we can respond in a timely manner. Please note that any customer service posts published on a Walmart page by customers will be removed when discovered. As always, if you would like to comment about customer service or any other issue you can visit our Contact Us page or call 1-800-WALMART.
  6. We reserve the right to remove content posted to Facebook that violates these guidelines. 

If you are a Walmart associate, please follow these additional guidelines:

  1. Know the rules. Before engaging on Facebook, or on any other social media property, make sure you read and understand Walmart’s Social Media Policy and Walmart Information Policy. In any and all interactions make sure that you don’t share confidential or private information about the Company’s business operations, products, services, or customers; respect financial disclosure laws; and do not say you speak for the Company without express written authorization from the Company to do so.
  2. Remember that we have a dedicated FB team tasked with responding to customer inquiries or criticism. Our Official Walmart Facebook team is responsible for engaging customers through our page. To avoid confusion, we ask that you not attempt to respond to customer inquiries or comments directed specifically to the Company or asking for an official Company response on this site.
  3. Consider using company established channels for job-specific issues. While we encourage associates to join our Facebook community and participate in conversations with our customers and other users, we encourage you to direct your complaints or concerns about your job or working environment to your store management team using the established Open Door Process or

For Walmart managers: If you are a manager, please make sure you are familiar with our Social Media Management Guidelines, available on the Walmart Wire. 

Guidelines for Associates’ Use of Walmart-Sponsored Location Based Promotions

Walmart is currently experimenting with in-store promotional campaigns for users of location-based services like Foursquare and Facebook Places. If you are an associate using these services, you may have the opportunity to check in at your store’s location every day, which could give you an unfair advantage over our customers. That’s why we ask you not to participate in location based-promotions for  your own store. Please feel free to take advantage of location-based promotions when you check in at  other Walmart stores offering these promotions. 

The Walmart Moms Program

Participation in the  Walmart Moms program is voluntary. Participants in the program are required to clearly disclose their relationship with Walmart as well as any compensation received, including travel opportunities, expenses or products. In the event that products are received for review, participants may keep or dispose of product at their discretion.