Walmart Brazil

Walmart Brazil began in 1995, and our headquarters are in Sao Paolo. Brands include: BIG, Bompreço, Hiper Bompreço, Magazine, Maxxi, Mercadorama, Nacional, Sam’s Club, Supermercado Todo Dia, TodoDia, Walmart and Walmart Posto.

President & CEO: Flavio Cotini


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Social Responsibility

Focus on women

We've completed the first year of our Corporate Movement for the Economic Empowerment of Women, also known as Women 360 Movement. This Walmart Brazil-led initiative aims for a 360-degree change in women's economic development by 2015. It involves commitments to develop women in the company, in the supply chain and in the community through private social investment and social responsibility. In addition, it involves the image value of women in society, stimulating companies to include educational campaigns and messages regarding women in various roles.

Social School of Retail

Since 2010, Walmart Institute has developed the Social School of Retail, which focuses on providing young people ages 17-29 with the professional training they need to work in retail jobs. In partnership with local governments, the program served around 1,500 young people – 64% of them women – in six Brazilian states in 2012.

Walmart Institute was recognized by the Walmart Foundation, which acknowledged this program as a global best practice within the company and started a process to replicate the program in other countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Bombando Cidadania

For more than four years, the Bombando Cidadania citizenship program has promoted the local development of the Bomba do Hemetério district of the northern zone of Recife in Pernambuco state. During this time, we've invested BRL5.6 million in 30 projects focused specifically on education, culture, entrepreneurialism, income creation, communication and the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Renewable energy

Our stores officially began their migration to renewable energy in 2012, a move in which 49 units drew a portion of their energy consumption from small hydroelectric plants and biomass. We plan to expand the program's reach to 97 stores in 2013, accounting for about 40% of our total consumption. This change will also eliminate the need for diesel generation at peak periods, which will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air and soil pollution.

Producer's Club

Over the past decade, our Producer's Club has grown to 10,500 households in 12 Brazilian states. It's become an important channel to promote income generation for small and mid-sized producers by providing a chain of Walmart Brazil stores they can sell their products to directly. In 2012, about 52% of the fruit and vegetables sold at our stores was sourced directly from producers, almost 23% of them small and medium-sized farmers. The program has also helped achieve the aim of the federal government's Brazil Without Hardship project to lift 16.2 million people out of extreme poverty.

Plastic bag waste

We reduced the amount of disposable plastic bags distributed in our stores by 50% in 2012. A number of programs contributed to the reduction of approximately 1.4 million bags or 5,100 tons of plastic, including our program, "Responsible Customers Deserve a Discount." It offers a discount of BRL0.03 on every five products bought by consumers who don't use a plastic bag. The total value of this benefit came to BRL1.06 million, equivalent to 30 million plastic bags. From 2009 to 2012, we reduced the consumption of one-time-use plastic shopping bags by 100 million.

Corporate Responsibility

100 Women in Leadership

In 2012, more than 102 women completed our 100 Women in Leadership program, which aims to prepare associates for the first and second levels of leadership in retail and wholesale. The program is divided into theoretical modules, on-the-job and supervised training, food safety audits, management development seminars and more. Of the 102 women who participated, 50% were promoted and 18% were waiting for new positions.

Women Council

During 2012, Walmart Brazil's board of women, formed by 11 professionals from different areas of the company, led important actions to the development of talent and career, as the Mentoring Program for Women and as well as the training program of 100 Women in Leadership. 40 of our female managers and directors participated in the Investing in Women Leaders: A Positive Change conference, hosted by Walmart and the International Women's Forum. Another group of associates attended the Advancement of Women Conference, an event organized by Working Mother Media to focus on diversity and women's development.