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  • Total Retail Units 429
  • Seiyu Hypermarket 106
  • Seiyu Supermarket 256
  • Wakana 57
  • Seiyu General Merchandise 1
  • Livin 9


Seiyu is one of the largest supermarket chains in Japan, established in 1963. In 2002, Walmart acquired a 6.1% stake in Seiyu. In 2005, we acquired a majority interest, making Seiyu a Walmart subsidiary. Walmart proceeded with additional steps to acquire all of the remaining shares, which resulted in the delisting of Seiyu shares from the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008. Later that year, Seiyu became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walmart. 

Quick Facts

Walmart Japan President & CEOTakeshi Kamigouchi


Total Number of Associates: 37,788*

*As of Jan. 2014