Government Relations Policy (CA-15)

Updated: May 2, 2013

This policy applies to all associates who work for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., or one of its subsidiary companies, in the United States ("Walmart"). 


Walmart’s Government Relations Departments (US Government Relations, Public Affairs and Government Relations) coordinate company interactions with elected officials and legislative and regulatory bodies at the federal, state and local level.  To help ensure consistent management of these relationships, all conversations and engagement with elected officials or government agencies should be done in coordination with your Government Relations contact.  Associates wishing to represent Walmart’s corporate position on public policy or political matters should seek guidance from Government Relations before expressing such views.  In addition, all such interactions with public officials, including their support staff, should be reported to Government Relations, as certain contact can constitute “lobbying” which is reportable. 

Government Relations, partnership with Corporate Affairs, coordinates the activities and administration of the Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Political Action Committee for Responsible Government (WAL-PAC).  WAL-PAC is the primary entity authorized to make political contributions in support of our business.  Corporate funds shall not be provided to political candidates, entities or organizations without the express knowledge and consent of Government Relations. 

If you are approached by a political candidate or organization in your store or club, please call the Home Office Government Relations at 479-277-0934. 

Please refer any other questions in the area to Government Relations at the number listed above. 

  • With respect to fundraising, the following rules shall apply in addition to all applicable laws: Officers of Walmart may distribute political literature or engage in political solicitation, as approved by an Executive Vice President.
  • Associates assigned to the Corporate Affairs Department may engage in political solicitation or political distribution, as approved by the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs. 

For further guidance, contact: 

Government Relations