Through Walmart's Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative, we've set goals and are taking practical steps to help change the lives of countless women around the world by 2016.

Increase Sourcing from Women-Owned Businesses

  • Source $20 billion from women-owned businesses for our U.S. business and double sourcing from women suppliers in international countries where we do business.
  • Launch a dedicated women-owned product marketplace on

Empower Nearly 1 Million Women Through Training

  • Implement a women's empowerment program to train 60,000 women in 150 factories and processing facilities producing for top retail suppliers in industries with high percentages of women.
  • In emerging markets, train 500,000 women in the agriculture value chain.
  • Empower 200,000 women through job training, education, career counseling and mentoring in the United States through Walmart Foundation giving targeted at workforce readiness for women.
  • Train 200,000 women for their first jobs in retail in our emerging markets through partnerships with NGOs, public schools, multilateral institutions and universities.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion Representation Within Our Suppliers

  • In the United States, work with our major professional service firms and merchandise suppliers with more than $1 billion in sales to increase women and minority representation within the Walmart-facing teams.
  • Internationally, focus on gender balance of supplier teams starting with global accounts.