Anju Ara

Anju Ara was working as a garment factory worker in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when she heard the news. A nearby learning center was offering female apparel factory workers skills for the workplace and literacy training to improve their standard of living and working environments. For Anju, it meant an escape from poverty. A chance for a new life.

Anju enrolled at the WHEEL learning center, a project funded in partnership with CARE and Walmart. The training Anju received allows her to commute to different places in Dhaka because she can read Bengali. She can count her overtime and calculate her production units, which improves her productivity at work. And she’s learned important sanitation skills, like boiling her drinking water, that can help keep her healthy.

Her story shows how our efforts are already having an impact. Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative will help 60,000 women working in factories develop the skills they need to become more active decision-makers in their jobs and for their families. From that pool, 8,000 high-potential women will be trained in leadership and management skills.

Anju’s new abilities mean professional success for her now, and a hopeful future for her family. “I wish to study more, which will help me be more successful in the future. I want my children to study as well and grow up to be successful human beings,” she said. “If not for this program, my life would be left in darkness.”