U.S. Manufacturing

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Investing in American Jobs

At Walmart, we believe in making a difference on the issues our customers and communities care about. We believe we can create more American jobs by supporting more American manufacturing. Jump-starting the manufacturing industry and rebuilding the middle class requires a national effort by companies, industry leaders, lawmakers and others.

Together, we can help spark a revitalization of U.S.-based manufacturing. By making production more affordable and feasible in the United States, we can bring our customers more U.S.-made products and manufacturers can create more jobs in America.    

Our Commitment

According to data from our suppliers, items that are made, sourced or grown right here in America already account for about two-thirds of what we spend to buy products at Walmart U.S. But there is room to do more. 

We are committed to American renewal. By 2023, Walmart has pledged to purchase approximately $250 billion in products that support the creation of American jobs. 

We will accomplish this by working with suppliers to:

  • Increase what we already buy of U.S. manufactured goods
  • Source “new to Walmart” U.S. manufactured goods
  • Re-shore the manufacturing of goods we currently buy by facilitating and accelerating efforts of our suppliers

Our Progress

Since January 2013, we’ve met with hundreds of our suppliers and visited dozens of factories across the U.S. and around the world. View some of the announcements made so far. 

2015 U.S. Manufacturing Summit and Open Call Event
Walmart combined the highest value activities from past U.S. Manufacturing Supplier Summits and Open Call events in to a two-day event. We offered the unique opportunity to meet with buyers across our formats during the Open Call and we also facilitated meetings for current and potential suppliers with key state economic development officials with knowledge of available U.S. manufacturing locations. Watch the highlights of the two-day event

Made in USA Open Call Event
Walmart hosted our first Open Call event on July 8, 2014. We invited more than 500 suppliers and potential suppliers to come to the Home Office in Bentonville, Ark., and pitch their products. Watch a replay of the general session

Jobs In U.S. Manufacturing (JUMP) Portal 
Our JUMP Portal is a dedicated site for Walmart Suppliers and those who are interested in U.S. Manufacturing and/or re-shoring their current operations back to the U.S.  JUMP Subscribers can log-in and search our knowledge base for documents, video’s, and How-to’s, as well as submit product proposals and certifications. 

  • JUMP Resources Page:  We’ve added a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate collection of resources, that are external to Walmart, to our Jobs In U.S. Manufacturing (JUMP) Portal.  These organizations and businesses are respected across the country for their contributions to U.S. Manufacturing and the small business owner.  They offer unrivaled knowledge and expertise among their professions, many offering their advice/services to Walmart Suppliers and JUMP Subscribers for free. 
  • Visit www.walmart-jump.com to learn more.

ThomasNet.com Corporate Edition for Walmart
On August 3rd, 2015, ThomasNet.com is set to launch the ThomasNet Corporate Edition for Walmart.  Corporate Edition is a free service available exclusively to Walmart suppliers and JUMP subscribers, providing access to over half a million U.S. manufacturers of products, components, and custom services, as well as exclusive features from ThomasNet.  Visit www.walmart-jump.com to learn more.

U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund
We announced that Walmart is continuing to invest in innovation in U.S. manufacturing.  On 7/1/15,  Walmart and the Walmart Foundation announced the second request for proposals as part of our U.S. Manufacturing Innovation fund to advance textile manufacturing in America.  Visit U.S. Manufacturing Innovation Fund for more information about this program.

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