We’re reducing sodium, added sugars and trans fats from packaged food

Through 2015, Walmart is working with suppliers to reformulate thousands of packaged food items to:

  • Reduce sodium by 25%
  • Reduce added sugars by 10%
  • Remove all remaining industrially produced trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils

We began in 2011 to reduce these elements, starting with our own Great Value brand, in certain categories of foods that contribute the highest levels of sodium, sugar or trans fat in the everyday diets of Americans. Today, we've reduced sodium by more than 16 percent, and we continue to exceed our goal or sugar reduction. Presently, fewer than 6 percent of products in our U.S. stores contained partially hydrogenated oils.

We support consumer choice, so this is not about telling people what they should eat. Our customers understand that products like cookies and ice cream are meant to be indulgent treats.

This effort is aimed at eliminating sodium, sugar and trans fat in products where they are not really needed. Often, it’s sodium or sugar that people don’t even know they are ingesting—for instance, when putting dressing on a salad or making a turkey sandwich.

Our estimates indicate that if the reformulations are adopted by the entire grocery industry, adults in the U.S. will consume approximately 47 million fewer pounds of sodium each year. 47 million pounds of sodium is the equivalent of the entire sodium intake by every resident of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago per year.