Responsible Sourcing

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Working together for a safe, responsible supply chain

Walmart’s business has always centered on helping people live better. This mission applies not only to our customers and associates, but also to the workers who make our products.

We collaborate with other retailers, brands, NGOs and government leaders to verify the products we sell are produced in a way that provides dignity and respect for workers in our supply chain. As the world’s largest retailer, we strive to positively influence global supply chain practices by raising our own standards and improving working conditions in the countries from which we source.


Promoting Supply Chain Safety

Walmart is improving conditions in factories from which we source through education, worker empowerment and rigorous inspections.

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Education & Training

We're working with our supplier partners to improve factory working conditions by investing in education and training initiatives. 

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Responsible Sourcing in Bangladesh

Walmart has enhanced safety standards in Bangladesh. Learn about our in-depth factory assessments here.



We’re collaborating with stakeholders, working with leading NGOs and taking an active role in industry coalitions to drive positive change.


Sourcing Standards & Resources

Read our Standards for Suppliers and learn how we verify suppliers are adhering to these requirements.