Global Responsibility Report

2014 Global Responsibility Banner

2014 Global Responsibility Report

As we’ve continued to lead from the front, three core focus areas – sustainability, opportunity and local communities – have emerged. Often, our efforts in the sustainability arena intersect with the work we’re doing in local communities.  And our initiatives in local communities cross over with our commitment to providing people with the skills and resources they need to open the door to opportunity and a better life.

These principles are working for us – and we’re showing others that taking on large social issues can be compatible with building a stronger business. Here are a few ways Walmart and the Walmart Foundation made a difference in 2013:

Renewable Energy: Building on the momentum of becoming the largest on-site green power generator in the U.S., we pledged to increase our supply of renewable energy globally by 600% by the end of 2020.

Sustainability Index: We’re expanding the Sustainability Index and measurement to international markets with the goal of improving product sustainability at a global level.

Associates: In addition to promoting about 190,000 U.S. associates in 2013, 51% of our new hires were women and 49% were people of color.

Fighting Hunger Together: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation delivered on their commitment of $2 billion in cash and in-kind giving to fight hunger in America one year ahead of schedule.

Volunteerism: Collectively, our U.S. associates volunteered more than 1.8 million hours, resulting in $17 million in donations in support of local organizations in FY 2014.

Veterans: We hired more than 32,000 U.S. military veterans within the first eight months of announcing our Welcome Home Commitment.

Emergency preparedness: We collaborated with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction to leverage our best practices in helping build resiliency in communities around the world.

You'll find more details on these and all of our initiatives in the 2014 Global Responsibility Report.