Our mission is to save people money so they can live better. To deliver on that promise, we have to understand and connect with our customers and communities. That means having a diverse group of associates who can represent all people.

How do we get the very best?  We attract them, value them and develop them to reach their full potential. Because at Walmart, the secret to helping customers live better is in the hands of our associates.

Our U.S. workforce is about 1.3 million associates, including more than 807,000 female associates; more than 255,000 African-American associates; more than 169,000 Hispanic associates; more than 43,000 Asian and 6,000 Pacific Islander associates; and more than 14,000 American Indian and Alaska Native associates. 

37% of our associates in the U.S. are minority. 57% of our associates are women.

In the past 5 years at Walmart stores in the U.S.:

  • Female co-managers have increased by 134%
  • Female store managers have increased by 42%
  • Female market managers have increased by 92%

*Data as of fiscal year 2013

Helping associates reach their potential

We are committed to nurturing an inclusive culture to retain our talent and help them reach their potential. Once we hire the right people, with varied perspectives and ideas, it’s essential to develop them and their careers so they can deliver on our mission to help people save money and live better. Our belief is that with a meaningful sense of purpose, our associates will be fulfilled and choose to stay with Walmart.

This means providing unique opportunities for advancement and growth – through mentoring programs, sponsorship programs, various leadership courses and Associate Resource Groups – where our associates can connect, collaborate and proudly celebrate their diversity.

Through our Diversity Goals Program, nearly 60,000 managers are held accountable for elevating the standards of diversity and inclusion throughout our company, with up to 15% of management bonuses and 10% of performance evaluation scores tied to their diversity goals achievement. These goals motivate our leaders to participate in diversity events, mentor associates and to place diverse candidates at a rate consistent with the qualified applicant pool for field management positions.

About 54% of hourly associates promoted in Walmart U.S. stores in 2012 were women.